ALCIRA – The Bossa Nova Experience

The Ensemble is made up of five world-class brazilian musicians with the smooth-blending elements of guitar, percussion, bass, drums and vocals. Our repertoire contains the most beautiful and famous songs from this exotic rhythms of the brazilian high society.

We provide a professional live music performance at luxurious international events for a selected audience. Our concept is based on high quality entertainment and personalized customer care. The entertainment program is inspired by the golden age of the 1960s Rio de Janeiro’s, the perfect music style for luxurious social events.

We bring to the public a part of south-american culture by means of the music, in its most charming form, with intense passion, using the resource that makes the impossible possible: fantasy.

Let us enhance your event with the elegance and charm of the most glamorous Latin American music, the Bossa Nova.

Let’s fly down to Rio!


Download here our presentation in PDF (click for download-PDF)


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